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Federico Yubro's Statistics

Name Federico Yubro Hours 134.08
Pilot ID CUB586719 Flights 19
Hub MUHA Distance Flown 19115 miles
Rank Capitan Last Flight 7 Days ago
Hire Date: 12/22/2019 Last Flight Date 03/29/2020

Federico Yubro (Hired 105 days ago!)

Awards (1)

PIREP's List (19)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CUB1572 MUHA MMUN MD-83 (CU-T062) 01.26 03/29/2020 Accepted
CUB1326 KSFO MUHA B737-800 (CU-T1201) 05.31 03/19/2020 Accepted
CUB1313 MUHA KSFO B737-800 (CU-T1201) 06.05 03/15/2020 Accepted
CUB1897 MPTO MUHA B737-800 (CU-T1201) 02.23 03/15/2020 Accepted
CUB1882 MUHA MPTO B737-800 (CU-T1201) 02.21 03/14/2020 Accepted
CUB1606 MYNN MUHA MD-82 (CU-T098) 01.12 02/21/2020 Accepted
CUB1594 MUHA MYNN MD-82 (CU-T098) 01.02 02/19/2020 Accepted
CUB1482 MHTG MUHA B737-700 (CU-T1200) 01.49 02/18/2020 Accepted
CUB1470 MUHA MHTG B737-700 (CU-T1200) 01.51 02/15/2020 Accepted
CUB1099 KATL MUHA MD-83 (CU-T062) 02.04 02/05/2020 Accepted
CUB1083 MUHA KATL MD-83 (CU-T062) 02.06 02/04/2020 Accepted
CUB2104 SKBO MUHA B737-800 (CU-T1201) 03.19 01/31/2020 Accepted
CUB2095 MUHA SKBO B737-800 (CU-T1201) 03.06 01/30/2020 Accepted
CUB1326 KSFO MUHA B737-800 (CU-T1201) 05.03 01/13/2020 Accepted
CUB1313 MUHA KSFO B737-800 (CU-T1201) 06.05 01/12/2020 Accepted
CUB302 MUCC MUHA B737-800 (CU-T1201) 00.54 01/10/2020 Accepted
CUB301 MUHA MUCC B737-800 (CU-T1201) 00.55 01/10/2020 Accepted
CUB1693 TNCM MUHA B737-800 (CU-T1201) 02.56 01/10/2020 Accepted
CUB1687 MUHA TNCM MD-83 (CU-T062) 03.00 01/07/2020 Accepted

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